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We here at Happy-Chews feel that happiness is being heard. You’ve spoken up about our previous packaging which had some drawbacks that took the happy out of your chew. We are proud to announce the launch of our new design featuring easier to enjoy individually wrapped chews inside childproof packs. No longer worry about the infused berry goodness sticking to the package.
Instead relax and find your happy place.  

-Happy Chews


The Stoner Mom - Chew Review


The Stoner Mom - Chew Review

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Happy Chews Edibles Review

Hi friends! In this post I’m sharing a new find that I’ve been gobbling by the handful, Happy Chews! Happy Chews are the THC infused babies of Seven-Ten Creations, an edibles company here in beautiful Colorado. Reminiscent of the famous candy Laffy Taffy, but with an adults-only edge, these fruit-flavored taffies come in 5mg and 10mg doses, perfect for enjoying edibles at a low dose, and easy to consume a few at a time.

“Shake that laffy taffy”

Happy Chews are very chewy taffy, but they aren’t too sticky. They have a good pull to them and offer a satisfying chew. They are pretty big, you could easily divide these into one or two smaller portions and save for later. Made with C02 extracted oil, they have very minimal “marijuana ” flavor and no gross aftertaste.  You can find them in Colorado dispensaries, available in single servings with two 5mg pieces, and ten packs, with ten 10g pieces. Each pack contains two different flavors:


Giggle Berry

Strawberry-Blueberry and Pomegranate-Grape

Chuckle Fruit (my favorite!)

Strawberry-Watermelon and Orange-Lemon

Tropical Delight

Pineapple-Mango and Kiwi-Strawberry

Happy Chews also makes a 2:1 CBD/THC infused taffy called Citrus Relief. This one contains 10mg CBD and 5mg THC per chew. The flavors are unique and therapeutic, Orange-Ginger and Grapefruit-Mint. I really enjoyed these as that high-CBD paired with a low-THC dose is the sweet spot for feeling great physically and mentally.

My Happy Place

I like to enjoy Happy Chews in a few different ways. 10mg is a great “micro-dose” for me, so usually I like to eat one piece from the ten packs and just carry out my day. Micro-dosing, or consuming low doses of THC, keeps me very balanced and happy with minimal to zero psychoactive effects. That means I get the mental benefits of THC without feeling too paranoid, too inebriated, and too high. Keep in mind that 10mg is not a standard “micro-dose” which is generally accepted to be 2.5mg of cannabis. But for me, someone who uses cannabis for mental health, and with a pretty decent tolerance, a ten 10mg edible is suitable for a chilled out but fully functional experience.

When I’m looking for a more intense result I eat a few of these, as in, more than one. I’ve taken seven at one time before and ended up having a pretty fantastic and psychoactive experience. Blissed-out and content, just really happy and positive and a little on the drowsy/couch-lock side.

Happy Chews are Colorado product and can be found at several dispensaries throughout the state. If you’re visiting here soon or are lucky enough to call this place home, I recommend giving these a try!



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Happy Chews Edibles Will Put a Low-Dose Smile on Your Face

By Patrick Bennett

Chocolatey chews are what you typically find when looking for a low-dose infused candy here in Colorado. While that’s fantastic for those who are in the mood for cocoa, the sweet and sour taffy lovers have been left out to dry with a lackluster line of available options. 

Seven-Ten Creations, based out of Denver, CO, is an edibles manufacturer that is seeking to change the landscape for the low dosage enthusiast with their new line of THC-infused fruit candies: Happy Chews. Available in 10mg packages with 5mg per chew, Happy Chews offers a fresh new take on the low-dosage edible with their delicious fruit taffy candies. Each package contains two flavors: citrus and mixed berry.

Happy Chews at a Glance

Dose: 5mg per chew

Price: $5-7 per package

Availability: Colorado

Happy Chews are infused with hash oil, making them a perfect option for consumers who want a citrus and berry burst of flavor without the aftertaste that other infusions can leave on the palate. The orange citrus chew is tart with a tangerine twist, while the profile on the red mixed berry chew is sweeter with hints of cherry and strawberries.

As far as texture, the chews are reminiscent of a mix between a fluffy taffy and a harder, more enduring chew. The consistency is a happy medium for consumers looking for a good pull without losing a crown in the process. It’s rare to find a 5mg portioned candy as hearty as what Happy Chews offers, as each piece can easily be enjoyed in several bites. 

I took the equivalent of 30 mg (six candies) when I tested them and felt very little in terms of effects. This is a very, very low dose candy, which is a great option for first-time cannabis users who are looking for a very mellow, very low-dose introduction. Effects to a new user at this dose would be subtle and should feel like a soft warming sensation with euphoric undertones.

The team over at Seven-Ten Creations is on to something with Happy Chews, offering the low dosage consumer a flavor-packed punch in a hearty-sized 10mg portion package. Right now you can find these tasty citrus and mixed berry treats in Denver, Pueblo, Bailey, and Fort Collins, with new flavors and locations coming in the near future.

For those looking for a slightly heavier kick in the THC department, you’ll be pleased to hear that Happy Chews will be releasing a 100mg pack later this year. Keep an eye out for Seven-Ten Creations at your next dispensary visit and you’ll find yourself in the company of one seriously flavorful chew in a delightfully manageable dose.


Seven-Ten Creations launches in the Colorado recreational cannabis marketplace with HAPPY CHEWS

Seven-Ten Creations launches in the Colorado recreational cannabis marketplace with HAPPY CHEWS

Delicious fruit flavored chews offer a welcome alternative to your standard cannabis edible chew.   

Denver, Colorado – January 17, 2017 – Seven-Ten Creation’s first product offering for the Colorado recreational cannabis marketplace - Happy Chews, are about to hit dispensary shelves. The taffy-like consistency lets you enjoy the chew for around 30 seconds, much longer than any gummy. The flavors last the entire time the edible is in your mouth without a hashy aftertaste. With flavors and consistency unlike anything on the market today, Happy Chews are set to take the market by storm.

Seven-Ten Creations was founded with the intent to advance the edible cannabis marketplace.  While it has come a long way from pot brownies we still have a long way to go. Deciding to focus on products that have failed to meet the quality we expect; Seven-Ten’s approach using real world food manufacturing processes, procedures and machinery set their product apart. Happy Chews is a product with every consumer in mind, it’s a fun, simple confection with a unique consistency that is sure to be an instant favorite. 

Happy Chews are whipped, not pulled. This allows for a more flavorful, softer, and less sticky edible.  Our chews were engineered for customers who want a quality product at a competitive price. Happy Chews are just the beginning, Seven-Ten has more flavors and products in testing now.

Seven-Ten Creations is a Denver based cannabis edible manufacturer founded in 2016. For more information on Happy Chews please check out our website www.happy-chews.com or contact Willis Wood below.

Willis Wood
Seven-Ten Creations