Delicious fruit flavored chews offer a welcome alternative to your standard cannabis edible chew.   

Denver, Colorado – January 17, 2017 – Seven-Ten Creation’s first product offering for the Colorado recreational cannabis marketplace - Happy Chews, are about to hit dispensary shelves. The taffy-like consistency lets you enjoy the chew for around 30 seconds, much longer than any gummy. The flavors last the entire time the edible is in your mouth without a hashy aftertaste. With flavors and consistency unlike anything on the market today, Happy Chews are set to take the market by storm.

Seven-Ten Creations was founded with the intent to advance the edible cannabis marketplace.  While it has come a long way from pot brownies we still have a long way to go. Deciding to focus on products that have failed to meet the quality we expect; Seven-Ten’s approach using real world food manufacturing processes, procedures and machinery set their product apart. Happy Chews is a product with every consumer in mind, it’s a fun, simple confection with a unique consistency that is sure to be an instant favorite. 

Happy Chews are whipped, not pulled. This allows for a more flavorful, softer, and less sticky edible.  Our chews were engineered for customers who want a quality product at a competitive price. Happy Chews are just the beginning, Seven-Ten has more flavors and products in testing now.

Seven-Ten Creations is a Denver based cannabis edible manufacturer founded in 2016. For more information on Happy Chews please check out our website or contact Willis Wood below.

Willis Wood
Seven-Ten Creations